Lighting your Home, though it seems easy but perhaps it is not. You might think that just to plug in the lamps, bulbs or changing the switches, installing the new lights etc is enough to light-up your home but understanding the concept of lighting and its proper implementation is the key to success. Light can brighten the dark area or room but appropriate lighting has a great effect not only to brighten the darkness but also gives the space a vibrant, happiness and ambient touch. 

“Lighting is a little thing that makes a big difference” so make a difference by following the 7 Best things for Lighting your Home to beautify it, make it Unique and get a Royal feeling at your home.

Home LED Lighting

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1. Choose the layers of light as per your need: Ambient lighting is used for ambiance and overall illumination to all rooms. It is the base upon which you can add all other layers of lighting. Task Lighting enhance visual clarity, prevent eyestrain and helps to effectively carry out the task like reading, studying, cooking and chopping vegetables etc. Accent lighting highlights certain objects like paintings, sculptures, houseplant or an historic art.

2. Use Dimmers: Dimmers allow you to control the lighting from day to night and can set your mood in all rooms as per the requirement.

3. Lighting should be free of glare and shadow: Improper lighting can create more problem than solution. If your kitchen lights are placed over the counter it cast a shadow exactly the area where you need the light. Similarly in your bathroom place the lights at the either side of the mirror, instead of single light above. Overhead lighting cast a shadow on your face and ineffectively carries out your task like make-up or shaving. If you choose overhead lights then select the longer, horizontal fixture that help to fully illuminate your face. Glare free lights does not affect your eyes and also does not distract from completing your work.

4. Select the proper lighting fixtures: The quote by renowned photographer, Aron Rose, “In the right light, at the right time everything is extraordinary” is perfectly applicable when you choose proper lighting fixtures. For example, An oversize table lamp on a small table or a small chandelier over a big dinning table will make your home look disproportionate. Select fittings that are aesthetic and adds value to your home.

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5. Lighting should be balanced at a required height: The position of all the lights in your home should be at an appropriate height balancing the intensity of the light, the space and the objects or furniture. The pendant lights should be at a particular height above the kitchen or the chandelier should be fixed at certain level to brightly illuminate the dinning room. The bottom of the shade of a table lamp should be at a shoulder level when you sit next to it, if it is tall enough and directly reflects on your eyes then might affect your eyes badly.

6. Lighting should compliment your room's paint color: Dark wall colors may cause your lighting appear gloomy, no matters how many lights you use in your room. Thus Light and soft wall color with a perfect blend of lighting can make refreshing, welcoming and positive atmosphere. Light wall color with proper lighting reflects the light evenly and makes the room look spacious.

7. Use Energy Saving light bulbs/ lamps: Replace your traditional incandescent which consumes more energy, produce more heat and gives less light output with the most energy efficient lighting, CFLs and LED. CFLs are simply form of long Fluorescent lights in a twisted manner that you may have in your kitchen, store room or bathroom. They use less electricity compared to traditional incandescent and is ten times longer and provides the same amount of light. LED is significant in energy saving as it utilizes only about 20% of energy and last up-to 25 times longer then traditional incandescent and saves more money.

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