Is lighting your priority when you design your new home or renovate your house? Unfortunately many of you don't even think about lighting. Most of you consider lighting as a little thing and gives little importance to lighting. Designers & owners majorly focuses on paints, elegant decorative articles, furniture, wall paintings, indoor plants etc when styling your home.

Nevertheless, how much you try to decorate your house with these options sometimes the smallest thing can make a big difference and have a great impact. In this case it is Lighting of your house without which your home will look dark & dull. Lighting adds magnificence and magic touch to all those assets in your house making it more prominent & noticeable. Moreover light makes the surface alive wherever they fall. They bring liveliness in the atmosphere.

home lighting

However many home owners end up with wrong and inefficient lighting that breaks the complete aura of their home resulting in loss of money and creates dissatisfaction. So  reduce your cost, electricity bills and spread happiness by choosing YLP Lighting.

Take a look at the below lighting design tips for your home that could help you.

1. Understand the level of  lighting:

You first need to understand the four different level of lighting that are ambient, task, accent & decorative lighting.

 (a) Ambient lighting is also termed as general lighting asit fills the room with soft level of lighting that creates a soothing ambient effect.

 (b) Task lighting is the high intensity light, to carry out the visual activities like reading, writing and food preparation.

 (c) Accent lighting is used for focusing or highlighting the key objects, artworks, antique elements etc. They emphasizes the importance of the objects and helps to enhance the beauty of the home.

 (d) Decorative lighting are primarily used to draw attention and creates the dazzling effect. They are available in exquisite and attractive shapes & sizes. For example, a huge chandelier over the dinning table, beautiful and attractive wall & table lamps. Proper selection of these light helps to achieve the desired atmosphere and mood.

home decorative lights

2. Efficient way of lighting:
“Efficiency is the key to success” Efficient way of lighting means you have to put the lights exactly where it is needed. Excess of lights in a room leads to wastage of  lights & money. Select the energy efficient luminaries like LED's. They are long lasting, durable and saves energy. Install the lights as per the intensity of light required for each room. For example, Cool white light gives clear & fresh glow that is very bright and focused to carry out critical work used in kitchen & bathroom. Warm white light, they are best to use when hosting a party, dinning room, bedroom and living room. They are best for creating warm, cozy and welcoming environment. Daylight or Neutral white light gives natural effect and are convenient to use anywhere in your home.

3. Use mix level of lighting:
Lighting when used in combinations exudes style & design. Use floor lamps and table lamps as they adds overall design whether the art, color or it's shine. Thus balancing the light at a particular height is equally important. The floor lamps placed at the corner near to the sofa should be at a particular height so that the bulb used is not visible as the glare of bare bulb is  unpleasing. Warm light is required during the evening time as they give relaxing feeling similarly during day time should use neutral light while reading a book use cool white light. Ideally, all rooms should include the above four level of lighting to make your home more interesting and atmospheric.

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