We all know that a lot of factors affect our ability to get the work done in the office, from that irritating noise, mumble of co-workers or annoying and disturbing verbal habits from the next cubical, ringing of the phone, uncomfortable chair causing back pain etc. But the most important factor we neglect is the Office Lighting! 

Office Lighting is not just limited to illumination but has profound influence on physical and emotional health of an individual. The main attributes of office lighting is not just for its aesthetic effect but the impact of it on the workers, clients, visitors and the business. A poorly lit office area can adversely affect the health and performance of your employees resulting in eye strain, fatigue, improper visibilty, glare reflection, headache and dullness in the working environment. Improper lighting can also cause your employee to become lethargic, lack of energy and irritable which affects the performance and can lead to depression that can badly affect the mental ability.

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So make a wise decision by choosing the right lighting of your office that is energetic and energy efficient. Select the LED light bulbs, lamps from YLP online store that gives uniform illuminations and maintains the level of lighting in your office. Fluorescent lights are good option for general lighting as they perform better in large areas but are necessarily not enough to illuminate the entire room. LED Downlights and Panel Lights is the best choice for all round high quality lighting that brightens up the every dark corner of your office creating refreshing and enthusiastic atmosphere. Task lighting also helps to carry out the work or assign task efficiently as it directs the light source that focus on the paper you are reading or the work that requires high concentration with proper visibility avoiding the strain on eyes and headache. Maximum office work is on computer for long hours which with poor lighting creates glare reflection on the screen that eventually results in headache, thus it can be eliminated with overhead bulbs or lights with different beam angle and good CRI property.

The appropriate lighting in your office can make the working atmosphere healthy, happy and lively with its ambient and high task lighting enabiling with less mistakes and no accidents, increasing safety and ultimately resulting in high productivity enormously. The good office lighting can powerfully influence your employees making a feeling of comfort and better place to work in, as well as your clients creating a corporate image everywhere from the reception to meeting room.

If YOU are looking for right lighting then YLP online store is your source for lighting supplies with excellent ranges of products and lighting solution enabiling you to select the collection which makes a perfect blend with the surrounding thus providing you various benefits.

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Want to replace old lights? Looking for new lights for new office? Don't have proper lighting? then YLP will get it for you with the exceptional online service within one click.

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